Don’t read this – yet

27 March, 2011 § 1 Comment

I began this blog because I aspire to be a writer. Not in my spare time, but in everything I do. So before I can do that, I have to clarify and accept a few simple truths:

1. I doubt anyone is reading this blog. And they shouldn’t, yet. (There goes my fear about what people will think of it – for now.) Not until I’ve gotten the hang of what I want to give you here. But comments and suggestions are also welcome at any time.

2. People put much more ridiculous content on the web than anything I could dream up.Though this is an unsettling truth about current society, let’s just accept it and continue watching stupid people on Youtube.

3. Blogs need clear goals so readers know what to expect. This blog will be a home for my ideas and stories, and I welcome other input. Then, if something gets a good response, I can grow that story and come back to readers with something even better!

4. Consistency is also important. Writing doesn’t usually happen spontaneously unless you’re a literary genius. Spoiler alert: I’m not. But I pinkie-swear to post here at least once a week from here-on-out. Even if it’s not a super-amazing post, posting consistently will help me overcome my fear of releasing material upon the world before I’m absolutely, doubly sure it’s ready.

Those rules should help me get a good start, and my first real post will be by this Wednesday!

Any other ideas for creating a great blog?


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