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30 March, 2011 § Leave a comment

What you write needs character. And/or…characters.

One of my short stories for my Capstone project revolves around several figures involved with social media. It’s meant to demonstrate how people create online profiles, or brands of themselves, and I wanted several strong characters to represent the equally strong, niche presences people create online for themselves. Here’s a start:

#1: A girl who runs a Tumblr about Treasure Trolls. Something she got into as a kid (Nineties nostalgia, anyone?) and re-discovered later when a post about them on her personal blog brought her hundreds of followers. She now shares old commercials on Youtube, hunts down used Treasure Trolls for sale online, writes lots of stories surrounding this niche, and even has her bellybutton pierced with a jewel.

#2: This blogger is on a mission to make sure snail mail doesn’t completely fall into disuse. Her followers post general ideas or descriptions on her blog, and after forays into antique shops and dollar stores, she mails packages to them that she thinks fit the bill. When her packages arrive, happy recipients post photos of their freshly-delivered treasures.

For someone who wants company at the zoo? A well-loved, stuffed Tiggr. For an older woman who wishes she had traveled more? A shoebox full of vintage postcards. A couple who want to create their own romantic tradition? A red-and-white checkered picnic blanket. The possibilities of what people will ask for, and what she can find, mail and blog about, are limitless.

I think there will be a few more, and they still need names, if you have any suggestions. 🙂


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