Can you define social media?

24 April, 2011 § Leave a comment

I would like to introduce my capstone project on social media something like this…Any feedback on how it’s sounding?

Before you give it a label, consider this phenomenon: It unites people across countries, politics, races and religions in their mutual love of cute kitten videos, Harry Potter fan fiction, and relief organizations. It lets you share and connect with your coworkers, fans, family, friends, and frenemies alike. And it gives you instant access to knowledge and databases in a world where you can also contribute your own ideas, opinions and knowledge. It is a shared space with its own rules and upsets. And though most of it happens online, it is not limited to one website or application.

This is social media. And it is the big picture behind how society now operates, on all levels. It can be a tough concept to grasp for some because it is essentially limitless. How do you define the boundaries of something that grows and changes faster than your browser can refresh?

While I think social media is too big a monster to fit in one definition, this project has a different – though related – goal: to share some of the overall concepts and applications of social media. Don’t read this expecting an encyclopedia of every social network, gaming app, and blogging platform.

Read this for an introduction to some of the possibilities a future with social media offers us.


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