Tale of an Awkward Human

20 November, 2011 § Leave a comment

Every so often, I experience an encounter that makes me wonder whether there are still people being raised like Mowgli, by a pack of wolves in the jungle. Usually I start wondering this in pizza restaurants.

Last weekend I was at California Pizza Kitchen with 2 girl friends, chatting and catching up. I don’t even think we’d had time to order when Mr. Smooth glides by our table, says, “Here you go,” drops this napkin on our table and walks out of the restaurant.


His email address was scratched along the side, but I thought it would be just plain bitchy to leave it on in my blog post, considering the questionable quality of his sketching abilities, his being at least a decade older than me, and the inherent awkwardness of the whole thing.

Was this his way of hitting on me? Was this some way to advertise his art skills? (Or lack thereof – I mean really, it looks like I have a Voldemort nose.) Was this just the labor of a lonely man sitting at the bar?

Any way you slice it: fail. (Ha! Slice it! Get it? Because we were at a pizza restaurant!)

At least it was a clean napkin.


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