It’s 2013? (or how I ended up with 179 photos & 11 videos of my kitty in less than 2 months)

23 January, 2013 § Leave a comment

cat watching fireworks

Dobby watching New Year’s Eve fireworks

Wow, time flies. Am I the only one who isn’t sure where 2012 went?

Seriously, I’m sure there’s scientific evidence for some sort of time compression that made everything go faster during 2012. Either that or I lost way too many hours stalking my cat around my apartment convincing him to let me trim his claws.

I think there’s more evidence for that time compression theory.

Either way, three weeks of 2013 and a presidential inauguration have already gone by, and I’ve just begun thinking about making some resolutions.

This year, I think I’ll try calling them my “2013 Goals” instead. That still implies focus and intention, but with a little less resolve (and self torture/blame) if I don’t quite manage to get them done.

Not that I won’t try … but just in case, I’d better make these “goals” things I’m at least 82% certain I can accomplish.

1. Cook a new recipe at least once a week. Once a month. More often than I order Pizza Hut delivery.
2. Unrelated to the first goal, attend the exercise boot camp I already signed up (and paid) for.
3. Adjust the ratio of real-life and cat photos I take. At present I’d say it’s at about 1 real life photo for every 10 cat photos, so I’m aiming for 2/10 this year. Setting the bar high.
4. Put in at least a few hours every week to continue learning Ruby on Rails. I should say an hour or two every day, but I don’t think I can promise that. A girl needs to sleep in now and then.
5. Update my blog more frequently. “More frequently” is subjective, so, my devoted imaginary readers, please don’t be disappointed because I put this on the list.

sleeping cat Dobby

Sleeping Dobby

That sounds like enough for now, especially considering I’m already 3 weeks behind on starting these. But that’s because Dobby won’t let me trim his claws.

Maybe I should start in February.


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